High Experience

1. Brief introduction of High Experience

High Experience was established in 1999, headquartered in the beautiful Toronto, Canada. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the craftsmanship spirit, constantly striving for perfection. The company has been always focusing on the research, development, design and production of outdoor sportswear. Its products are sold in many countries and regions and the company is one of the most professional groups of designing and producing outdoor jackets and ski suit. 

2.  The origin of High Experience

High Experience originated from a magical mountain in northwestern Canada. In May 1925, after climbing hundreds of miles, an international mountaineering party, consisting of Canadian, British and American, finally reached the peak of the highest mountain in Canada, Logan Mount, which is more than 6000 meters high. This mountaineering became a magnificent sport event in Canada. The Logan Mount is located near the northwest coast and there is extremely cold. At around 5,000 meters, temperatures in winter are around −45°C. Therefore, the people who come to explore there must wear super cold protective clothing to resist the extremely cold. Later, to memorize and inherit this precious adventure spirit, a nearby sports-loving inhabitant founded the High Experience outdoor sports brand, which symbolizes “the supreme adventure experience”. Owing to the admiration of the mountains, the respects of challenging, and the deep understanding of life, High Experience interprets the love and exploration of sports as a part of modern high-quality life. Having courage to explore is the brand gene of High Experience. This kind of spirit has gone far beyond Canada and has spread globally, inspiring people who are interested in adventure and outdoor sports to constantly challenge the new limits.

3. Brand Story

High Experience, translated into Chinese as "至高", means "the ultimate high-quality sports experience." The brand symbolizes the extreme contact with nature and enjoyment of happy experience brought by outdoor sports, and at the same time it also symbolizes the deep understanding of the sports product, the continuous self-perfection of product design, the highest pursuit of the production process and the comfortable degree of the product. The company always strives to bring the most confident and the best outdoor sports experience to travel fans. Except for that, High Experience's “having courage to explore” spirit and “never-ending” sports concept inspire sports enthusiasts to create new challenges.

4. Slogan

Our pursuits are not limited.

5. Products features

5.1 In order to create the best product experience, the company focuses on the research, development, design and production of 3 series of outdoor sports clothing.

a.       Hiking Series

b.         City Series

c.          Skiing Series

5.2 The developing strategies of High Experience

A. The company will create a three-dimensional development pattern of "air and space integration", and will accelerate the construction of online sales channels on the basis of the vigorous expanding of offline sales.

5.3 Product Development

In the spirit of “Supreme Experience”, High Experience develops and designs a full range of products, and strives to imply the concept of sports into the product design, so that the design concept and craftsman spirit can be perfectly integrated to create an extremely comfortable outdoor sports experience for our customers.